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Words from some very happy readers 

When you buy a bedtime storybook for a child you want to be sure that the child is going to love and treasure that book. The Sea Glass Witch is a proven winner. Children of all ages fall in love with the story and are drawn into each unique illustration.

"I purchased this for a friend's child and they loved it!"

"A beautifully lyrical story that will appeal to both parents and children. A book to treasure!​"

"An enchanting, captivating and beautiful book"

"An enchanting story with beautiful illustrations, the book is written in a captivating style which makes you want to follow the adventure and read more. This is a book which many children will want to keep and treasure."

"Beautiful illustrations. A wonderful undersea adventure."

"This was a wonderful book. Children would love to get immersed in the world of the sea glass witch."

"Great storytelling and illustrations."

"An extraordinarily beautiful book."

"An enchanting feast of words and images. The Sea Glass Witch is a book to be handed down through the ages."



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